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Garden Planning!

I’ve been so busy growing a human, I hadn’t given any thought to our garden until a few days ago when my husband mentioned garden tomatoes. I did one of those, “How could I forget” gasps and immediately ordered my Johnny’s and High Mowing Seed catalogues (sadly Baker Creek is OUT of theirs). Since then I’ve been researching the new varieties of disease resistant tomatoes (because, New England) and what other new things we might like to add to our garden this year; and what we won’t be growing again (hello broccoli covered in every insect imaginable).

Since my maternity leave is perfect for Spring planting and gardening I’m looking forward to it more than I have the last few years. I think it will offer me a welcome distraction from the baby routine, which (I hope) will be good for both of us.

We are planning to grow enough tomatoes, peppers, peas, green beans, cucumbers, greens, herbs, and squash to keep us out of the veggie section of the grocery store for a bit. Last year, being our first year at this location, was great for a baseline and we are planning some improvements for this year. We have rethought our planting design, and will forego the tomato bags this year. The plants we put in bags last year never fruited, and the bags fell apart- it was a general disappointment. We also have a full crop of garlic to look forward to, its sitting happily under a heavy blanket of snow right now, but hopefully we will be greeted with greens when things warm up!

Here’s hoping February and March go by quickly!!


Spring Ephemerals!

This gallery contains 3 photos.

 Trout Lily  Bloodroot  Hepatica, just starting to open. More photos to come as plants keep popping up!  


Garden Snippet: Helleborus -Lenten Rose



I spent the day looking through catalogs of perennials, annuals, and vegetable seeds. I’m so happy to have found this job 🙂

Anyway, Helleborus is a genus of perennial flowers, much like this one. Its called “lenten rose” because of its bloom time; early early spring. Its often one of the first things to emerge. So though it can’t out compete an Asiatic Lily on looks and fragrance, it certainly lets everyone know that Spring is coming! One of my favorites!