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2014 In Review

A photographic review.

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I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

We’ve been pretty busy around here, I’m excited because we are finally at a point where we are eating fresh veggies out of our garden! Most of the perennials around the house are blooming too. I got back from NY to see that I missed the peony entirely though. That was disappointing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable



At first I thought I would use a nice picture of Gabe and I for this week’s post, but I’m at my parent’s for the long weekend and when I put these two ladies out together yesterday I thought they were a much better representation. Not that I don’t love my husband… Wren and Dream have been pasture buddies for 8 years, except for the time Wren had a baby. They scratch each other, and their stalls are right across the aisle from each other. As retired show horses/broodmares their days are spent munching grass outside. Always together.


Wordless Wednesday (a bit late)




This gallery contains 7 photos.

I’m sure that in some warmer locations the peony season has come and gone. Here in the Upper Valley- its just beginning!


A Glimpse into My World


Reorganizing the perennial yard today. Love my job.

Keep the Earth Below My Feet

When life becomes stressful and overwhelming I often find it difficult to stay grounded. Instead I find myself lost in constant thought and worry about the situations(s) and unable to focus on anything else. However, in these current times it helps that I have an outlet that I can so easily lose myself in. Today I spent over an hour picking leaves off the begonias at work.. because they are infected with a fungus thanks to all of this cool damp weather. It’s nice to have a job where even a task that seems mundane is enough to give me the time and space my head needs to work things out. This means that I can come home and it doesn’t follow me through the door and interfere with my relationship.

Keeping the soil beneath my feet is well accomplished by keeping it under my fingernails as well.



We went to Burlington on Sunday and I took lots of pictures of the peonies that are in bloom. And I’m thrilled to report that we have one growing in front of the house! I’m excited to see what color it will be. My mom has some outstanding peonies at her house and even though they bloom for such a brief time compared to how long it takes for them to open, I might have to have several varieties. I have a lot of different varieties at work, and I’m looking forward to all of them opening as well.

It’s been too cold and rainy to do much in the garden lately, but our peppers and tomatoes are blooming heavily, the green beans are growing like gangbusters, the sunflowers are coming, and the carrots just emerged over the weekend.