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I just took this dessert out of the oven, had a small sample- and it is delicious. I also bought Moose Tracks ice cream to eat it with. What makes it even better is that the blueberries came from right around the corner, a U-pick place nearby. I wish the peaches were local as well, but they came from the grocery store; VT is still a week or so away from peach season.


I am enamored with this lily, I waited for what felt like WEEKS for it to open, and it did yesterday!


Summertime Suppers- Chopped Thai Salad

If your summertime menu is like ours- boring and repetitive by July then this salad should help! We eat a lot of salad around here, but it is generally just a basic green salad with whatever veggies we have on hand (carrot, pepper, cuke, etc.) and I get bored with that. I saw this recipe on Pinterest, and thought it would be awesome to try since we love Thai food and it’s been super hot here in New England the last few days. Plus, all I needed to pick up was a head of cabbage, cilantro, and the green onion.

I made a few changes; omitted the chicken and added more veggies. My salad consists of: cabbage, baby greens chopped, edamame, carrot, cuke, bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, and peanuts. To make the dressing I did follow her recipe; only subbing rice wine vinegar for white, and it tasted really good!


Salad is chilling in the fridge. We’ll see how it turned out!

Ciabatta Bread.

When I first received my KitchenAid, all I could think about (besides how easy baking all of those Christmas cookies would become) was baking bread. Lots and lots of yeast breads. I have tried hand kneading, and I just lack the patience and discipline to knead sticky dough for 10 minutes. But with an appliance, oh yes! In the year that I have had the appliance, I have mastered the crusty french loaf (see previous post, Perfect Bread for Soup) as well as Gabe’s favorite whole wheat sandwich bread. I have discovered that baking yeast breads is a delicate balance of wet to dry ingredients  there is no room to “wing” it, but once it all comes together it really is a forgiving substance. Which is just about perfect for me, since I hate to wing it in the kitchen and my technique still isn’t as good as those guys on America’s Test Kitchen.

Today I’m making ciabatta bread, with a recipe from ATK. I like their bread recipes, they are easy to follow and the cookbook is full of great instructional photographs. This recipe is long, but so worth it in the end. This is my dough after it came out of the mixing bowl. It’s still rising on the countertop.


On to the Bread!

Cookies…and Pizza?

Yesterday I told you all how I was going to write today about my World Famous (not) pizza. We had friends over for dinner last night, and had planned on making 2 pizzas- a veggie and the Thai chicken. Well somehow Gabe and I only had enough yeast (gasp, me short on yeast?!) for one pizza crust. Being hopeful we thought we could stretch it to 2 but it wouldn’t have worked. When Gabe announced that the two super thin crusts weren’t going to work, I immediately had a minor freak out, how was I going to feed five people with ONE pizza?! They were going to be at the house in less than half an hour, that wasn’t enough time to do anything. Of course, Gabe being the problem solver that he is, suggested making only the veggie pizza and Thai chicken wraps. In the end it all worked out splendidly, but I have no pictures of this pizza to accompany the recipe.


Pizza and Cookies

Ahh, Bagels.

Happy MLK Day! I saw someone online the other day who thought “MLK” was an abbreviation for milk. I felt sorry for that individual’s parents. Anyway, yesterday, following a trip to the grocery store was almost a lazy day. I read a solid 200 or so pages of this book my mom loaned to me “A Discovery of Witches”. I must say, after the first two or three chapters I was hesitant to finish so I checked up on the Amazon reviews (another by-product of my marriage, I now check EVERYTHING on Amazon to see what other people have to say) and it had an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. I’m sad that I’m into the last quarter of it- but it’s part one in a three part series! Anyway, overall it is exactly the kind of book I was in need of. It’s long, coming in at over 500 pages. so it’s something that I can (and have) easily get lost in.

On to the food!

Gabe and I are always searching for new places to find ideas for dinner, and while on YouTube the other day we stumbled upon “Chef John”, he works for Of course, we then watched an hours worth of videos- including one on bagels. He has his own blog, found here. Yesterday, Gabe decided that he wanted to make these bagels. They, like most breads containing yeast, are a bit time consuming- but definitely worth it!


Perfect Bread for Soup.

Its Tuesday. I’ve done yoga, haven’t showered and I’m supposed to be working. From home of course, but I’m royally frustrated right now and I need a break!

Yesterday I mixed some yeast (about half a teaspoon) with 3 (or so) cups of flour along with some salt (1-2 tablespoons) and about a cup and a half of water. I mixed this and let it sit on the warm counter overnight. Right now I’m letting my oven warm to 450 degrees, and then I’m going to put my handy-dandy (most favorite cooking pot EVER) dutch oven in to let that get hot. While the pot warms up I’m going to knead the dough (just a little bit) and form it into a ball. It needs to rise for about 30 mins. Then into the hot oven it goes! 30 mins lid on, 15 mins lid off. Easiest bread ever. Make sure you let it cool before you cut into it. This bread is best served with soup. White bean chicken chili perhaps??

photo (9)

Mmmm. Yeasty bread. And that is a Reggie bum. He’s not supposed to be on the counter; but Gabe’s not home and he likes to people watch like me, so I won’t tell.