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Blueberries! (Again)

Gabe and I picked blueberries on a whim this afternoon. Now I have lots of blueberries, (again) and no plans for them.
Ok I have a plan, but I’m going to wing it, later this week. Gabe said he wants a pie, but not a whole pie. So, I think I’ll make a galette!




I just took this dessert out of the oven, had a small sample- and it is delicious. I also bought Moose Tracks ice cream to eat it with. What makes it even better is that the blueberries came from right around the corner, a U-pick place nearby. I wish the peaches were local as well, but they came from the grocery store; VT is still a week or so away from peach season.


I am enamored with this lily, I waited for what felt like WEEKS for it to open, and it did yesterday!


I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

We’ve been pretty busy around here, I’m excited because we are finally at a point where we are eating fresh veggies out of our garden! Most of the perennials around the house are blooming too. I got back from NY to see that I missed the peony entirely though. That was disappointing.

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Pinterest Fallacy!

This image is floating around on Pinterest, telling people to buy peppers with 3 bumps and not 4 because they won’t have seeds. Anyone with a basic understanding of botany will know that this is a bunch of BS. Fruit cannot be male or female, “gender” in plants only applies to the flowers, and only female flowers produce fruit. Sometimes you get a pepper with lots of seeds, sometimes you only get a few. These bumps have nothing to do with seed amount, sweetness, or tenderness. Stop the madness.


Summertime Suppers- Chopped Thai Salad

If your summertime menu is like ours- boring and repetitive by July then this salad should help! We eat a lot of salad around here, but it is generally just a basic green salad with whatever veggies we have on hand (carrot, pepper, cuke, etc.) and I get bored with that. I saw this recipe on Pinterest, and thought it would be awesome to try since we love Thai food and it’s been super hot here in New England the last few days. Plus, all I needed to pick up was a head of cabbage, cilantro, and the green onion.

I made a few changes; omitted the chicken and added more veggies. My salad consists of: cabbage, baby greens chopped, edamame, carrot, cuke, bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, and peanuts. To make the dressing I did follow her recipe; only subbing rice wine vinegar for white, and it tasted really good!


Salad is chilling in the fridge. We’ll see how it turned out!

Learning to Stretch a Dollar

Make no mistake, Gabe and I each have roles in our house when it comes to money. He likes to say that HE is the saver and I am the spender..and you will get NO argument from me on that point. I like to shop, and he knew that about me long before we got married. That being said, I’m trying to make the effort to be more frugal. Working on it anyway.

So you already know all about my vegetable garden (see last post- Photo of the Day), well this week we also bought a BJ’s membership and a vacuum sealer. Like total nerds, we went to the grocery store with a notepad and wrote down how much we pay for certain staple items (rice, canned tomatoes, produce, etc.) and then compared them to the price at BJ’s. Now, you have to be prepared to fork over a bit more cash- but it should equal out to some savings. We bought: a big box of salad greens (we eat a lot of salad), chicken thighs, rice, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, cat food, tortilla chips, peanut butter, brown sugar, bread, english muffins, freezer bags, liquid hand soap, granola bars, quinoa… and a few other things. But we spent $170. So, like I said- you have to be prepared to drop some serious cash. On the other hand, those are the type of things that are staples in our house so hopefully we should see a difference in our grocery bill. Obviously this isn’t going to totally replace our weekly shopping, I will still have to venture to Hannaford on occasion (milk, eggs, produce, and whatnot).. so we’ll see where we end up. PLUS once our garden starts producing we will have to buy even less.

The thought of becoming more self sustaining can become addicting. I was just going along with it because Gabe was into it, but its not hard once you get into some type of routine, and we are always looking for ways to further it.



Garden complete. Instead of plastic pots, this year we planted some of our tomatoes and peppers in bags- the same type you use as reusable grocery bags.

Photo of the Day


Garden all planted! Tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), carrots, greens, basil, oregano, rosemary, peas, green beans, parsely, and cilantro!