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Daily Prompt: All About Me

Kitchen Journeys. At first it almost sounds cliche, I know but it doesn’t bother me. It means that I’m a woman in transition, and that the journey is always more fun than the destination. The kitchen has always been a central focus in my daily life, when I go home to visit my parents (and at what point does your parent’s home stop being “home”?) most of the best chats occur in the kitchen. When I’m at home with Gabe, we spend most of our time together in the kitchen- eating, cooking, drinking, listening to music and talking. The kitchen is an integral room in most homes, and not just because of the food! I also do some of my best soul searching in the kitchen, when I’m alone in the kitchen baking  or canning I’m focused on what I’m doing, and my mind is free to work out any on going nonsense. It’s a great way to de-stress and come back to center for me.

I also titled this blog the way I did because I want to share my journey with those who are interested. i enjoy reading other blogs, and gleaning new ideas from them about crafts, and food ideas so I thought why not me!? Again, not very original, but I hope that you will find some originality in my random assortment of posts.

My life is continuing this pattern of transition, and some exciting things are on the horizon for Gabe and I in the next few months. I hope you’ll come along on this journey!

DSC_0374This is me, on a past adventure in Vermont. I am sitting on a statue of Justin Morgan at the UVM Morgan Horse Farm in Weybridge, VT.

A Chicken, Bread and a facial.

I’m multi-tasking! The bread from the recipe I posted yesterday is rising on the counter. I always forget how time intensive this particular bread is, however I have timed it so that it will be cooling on the counter when Gabe gets home. I could really just be a stay at home wife. I know how impractical that is, but I have no problem assuming the traditional woman of the house role.

The second part of my multi-tasking afternoon is my current facial. I discovered (while looking for bubble bath) that Target carries this lovely line of mud masks, peels and whatnot. Today I am rocking the cucumber peel. I’ve used it before, and my face always feels sooo nice when I’m done. I certainly recommend checking them out the next time you’re browsing in the Beauty aisles at Target. Plus it feels cool while its drying.

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