Things That Currently Stress Me Out..

…That I have no control over right now since they are all baby related.

1.) Will my MIL ask to be in the delivery room? OR will they show up and then I’ll have my mom and his parents here in our small house?? 

    – The rational part of me thinks this is crazy, and knows that she is not some overbearing woman who ignores me. But the hormonal part of me hears/reads these types of stories and can’t help but wonder.

2.) Once we have decided on names I’m not telling anyone (actually mom already knows our girl pick, but she has been sworn to secrecy) because I don’t want opinions. I made the mistake of telling my MIL and BIL some of my top choices and was annoyed when they gave their opinions. 

   – Thus, to avoid stress and unwanted opinions I will not divulge information. Other than if the baby is a boy or girl. 

3.) What if I’m too much of a wimp to do this without drugs??

    – I’m sure I will agonize over this from now until April.

4.) What if I am unable to breastfeed? 

    – Also certain I will obsess over this until April.

And the one thing I’m sure ALL pregnant women obsess over:

5.) What if I’m a bad parent? As in, what if I can’t cope? What if I can’t figure out why the baby is crying? 

  – I’m sure all first time moms go through this, especially in the first 3 months. I know I can handle things post-3 months, but what about before that? And this place is so small, which means that there is NO way my husband will get any sleep either- and I’m pretty sure that’s not good if you’re using equipment like a chainsaw on a daily basis. 



2 responses to “Things That Currently Stress Me Out..

  1. sorry, LOL-ing over here … moot point but STOP IT. Everything will be fine 🙂 as for MIL butting in…clear communication is key!!!

    as for needing drugs – from most women I speak to, even those with the best all natural labor intentions…shit happens and you need drugs to cope. or maybe you can beast it out. but no one will judge you if you can or can’t!

    breastfeeding same thing – give it a good try, if you cant there is always formula to supplement or substitute. I was fed formula, and look how good I turned out 😉

    and pretty please can I know your top picks ?? pulling BFF card here. Promise I will not give any comments. It’s your kid!!! I’m pretty confident you are coming up with some killer names.

    as for sleep. no one will be sleeping, not much anyway. (from what I hear anyways) you might luck out and get a very cooperative baby!

  2. I’d tell you to try not to stress out, but that’s just pregnancy. I’ve hit a calm in the second trimester, but there are still things that are driving me bananas with worry. Just keep in mind that you are intelligent and there are some really dumb-ass people out there who have successfully raised kids.

    I totally feel you on your stresses btw, my MIL thinks she’s filming the damn the birth… We just won’t call her until I’ve gone into transition… she’s a good 3.5 hours away. My sister went so far as to tell my husband that I “didn’t like the girl name that was picked, but was afraid to tell him;” so keeping the names mum is a good idea!

    I’m going natural too, but the benefit of being in the hospital is that I’ll have easy access to them if I DO chicken out last minute. Whatever gets baby here safely is most important, if drugs help you to do that, then bring on the spinal! I hear breastfeeding can be hard, look into the local La Leche League, take a class and have the numbers of a couple of lactation consultants. The hospital should have resources for you as well. And if it doesn’t work, your baby isn’t going to die or have a lesser quality of life if you use formula.

    As for the last one, yup I’m right there with you. I would totally trust my kids with you! Maybe you can come to the city sometime in January and get some practice in 😉 Know the signs of PPD, maybe look into a postpartum doula who can help you around the house, with the baby, be a lactation consultant, do dishes and laundry and shopping… they’re pretty awesome!

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