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Blueberries! (Again)

Gabe and I picked blueberries on a whim this afternoon. Now I have lots of blueberries, (again) and no plans for them.
Ok I have a plan, but I’m going to wing it, later this week. Gabe said he wants a pie, but not a whole pie. So, I think I’ll make a galette!




I just took this dessert out of the oven, had a small sample- and it is delicious. I also bought Moose Tracks ice cream to eat it with. What makes it even better is that the blueberries came from right around the corner, a U-pick place nearby. I wish the peaches were local as well, but they came from the grocery store; VT is still a week or so away from peach season.


I am enamored with this lily, I waited for what felt like WEEKS for it to open, and it did yesterday!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


Lost in Space

Sorry to have been AWOL for a week, not my style- I know. But we have been super busy! However, since I have no nice photos and don’t want to bore you with the details; here is a fun survey instead. I used to LOVE these things ­čÖé Happy almost-Friday!



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