I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

We’ve been pretty busy around here, I’m excited because we are finally at a point where we are eating fresh veggies out of our garden! Most of the perennials around the house are blooming too. I got back from NY to see that I missed the peony entirely though. That was disappointing.


Peppers! I can’t believe how loaded with fruit our pepper plants are. I’m beginning to think we don’t have enough though…


My bee balm is all blooming!

caardigan mt

I brought my youngest sister back to VT with me, and we took her up Cardigan Mountain on Sunday. We’ve also been keeping busy visiting places. Gabe took her to Quechee Gorge on Saturday. Yesterday she and I did a campus tour of Dartmouth and then walked around downtown Woodstock. And of course we stopped by Cabot and ate some cheese.

I’ve also been busy making jam, last Monday we picked 5.5 pounds of strawberries and then made more jam. This weekend I made blueberry/raspberry jam with berries I picked here at home. There are still blackberries coming along and I plan to make jam with those as well. I’m also eagerly awaiting PA peaches to can, since we loved having those around in the winter.

It never stops!!


2 responses to “Mid-July?!

  1. we’re planning on going to a U-Pick place up in Sharon to get local peaches as I have not had much luck in the supermarkets (with the exception of some from Hannaford’s last week that were delectable!) The U-Pick place also does berries so I am hoping to come home with a lot of local stuff, since all the farmers markets I’ve scoped out don’t have much of a selection 😦

    Obvious statement of the year: madam, you have a far greener thumb than I! Hopefully I will have better luck next year!

  2. We did some U-Pick last year too, its fun!
    And I had better have a green thumb since it cost me 65K!! 🙂

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