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Wordless Wednesday




Before you read too far, a warning: This post is a bit whiny and needy.


The Nitty Gritty


I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

We’ve been pretty busy around here, I’m excited because we are finally at a point where we are eating fresh veggies out of our garden! Most of the perennials around the house are blooming too. I got back from NY to see that I missed the peony entirely though. That was disappointing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable



At first I thought I would use a nice picture of Gabe and I for this week’s post, but I’m at my parent’s for the long weekend and when I put these two ladies out together yesterday I thought they were a much better representation. Not that I don’t love my husband… Wren and Dream have been pasture buddies for 8 years, except for the time Wren had a baby. They scratch each other, and their stalls are right across the aisle from each other. As retired show horses/broodmares their days are spent munching grass outside. Always together.

Pinterest Fallacy!

This image is floating around on Pinterest, telling people to buy peppers with 3 bumps and not 4 because they won’t have seeds. Anyone with a basic understanding of botany will know that this is a bunch of BS. Fruit cannot be male or female, “gender” in plants only applies to the flowers, and only female flowers produce fruit. Sometimes you get a pepper with lots of seeds, sometimes you only get a few. These bumps have nothing to do with seed amount, sweetness, or tenderness. Stop the madness.