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Garden Snippet: Asclepias syriaca- milkweed



One of the first “Garden Snippet” posts I made was also a milkweed, but I have such affection for the “weed” variety. It plays host to so many insects, not just the Monarch butterfly. Here is a moth and a small bee, both coming over the waxy flowers for nectar. ┬áThis species is common to disturbed areas and meadows.



I fell off of him once, when he was three.

I was the first one on his back, elected because I was the smallest and he was a peanut.

He ran away with me more than once.

I took him to two horse shows. The first one was a disaster. The second- we held our own.

If you gave him an opportunity to be naughty, he took it.

Cantering was his favorite. And jumping. He liked that too.

He taught me how to ride.

He reminded my mom how much she liked to ride.

He also broke my leg.

His name was..well it depended on the day. His registered name was Sweat Equity, but we called him Bob. I called him Bear. And he was really a big softie on the inside.

He was not the first, nor the last horse I rode, but one in a long line of mounts. But he will always be my favorite, and I miss him all the time.

Never doubt the impact that animals have on our lives. They are not just animals.

He’s the handsome horse in my Wordless Wednesday post.



Wordless Wednesday (a bit late)


Garden Snippet: Lavandula angustifolia- lavender


Who doesn’t love a perennial that also has a purpose? I have plans for a strawberry lavender jam…


I am in desperate need of at least one of the following: – a chocolate milkshake from Abbot’s in Canandaigua, NY – a horse that I can ride – the ocean – a great book that I can get lost … Continue reading



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I’m sure that in some warmer locations the peony season has come and gone. Here in the Upper Valley- its just beginning!


A Glimpse into My World


Reorganizing the perennial yard today. Love my job.