Catching Up!

Whew! So things have been a bit nutty around here for the last week or so. I spent most of last week freaking out about the Open House at the nursery..that turned into a dismal day worthy of early March. It was cold and raining- some parts of the state even saw snow! So, we decided to try again this Saturday- so far the forecast looks like a great day!

At home I’ve been pony-sitting since Thursday while our landlords are away on vacation. It was so much easier on during my weekend to tend to the barn! But, they come home tomorrow so I’m free of my responsibility after I feed in the morning. We also planted our garden last weekend- just in time for 30 degree weather and high winds :/ I should know better, but the extended forecast showed no sign of cold weather until we spent 3 days covering and uncovering our beds. However, things look alright except for one little tomato plant.

Sunday we went for a nice hike around where we live, we hiked up through the woods and along a stream. We found a patch of Ostrich fern that I promise you was taller than me. A-mazing. I wish that I had had a camera, or a shovel to dig one up and put it in front of the house.

Monday we climbed Mt. Cardigan over in NH. It was about a 45 minute drive, and definitely an easy hike. It took us about an hour to get to the top, which was awesome. It’s got a bald top that is pretty wide, and offers a great view. There is some discrepancy over how long the trail is (and someone forgot to turn on the GPS to get an accurate length..), but it’s somewhere around a mile and a half up.The mt. reaches an elevation of about 3100 ft, so it’s not the tallest mountain we’ve climbed but it was one of the coolest summits; its bare rock due to a forest fire in the mid 1800s.



One response to “Catching Up!

  1. Yeah I am TOTALLY wishing I could rewind time and go back to LAST weekend where I could use the oven, drink tea … cook, bake … wear pants…NOT be drenched in sweat doing absolutely nothing … I am not cut out for this 90 degree and above bullshit!

    Sounds like a cool hike! And pony babysitter sounds like fun 🙂 Stay cool!!!

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