Spring is Sprung!


We are putting together combo pots and baskets at the nursery this week, and I’m just so excited about the bright colors I chose! In real life the small pink flower on the left is BRIGHT pink, but the camera on my Droid kind of sucks, so it got a little washed out. The Africa Daisies in the middle are a new color this year, and I love it.

The trees behind the house and up on the hillsides have all leafed out- for the most part anyway. The ash are slowly coming along, but the maples, oaks, and beech are totally out. I love the chartreuse-y color of new leaves.

What else is new up here on the hill? Our veggie seeds have started to germinate, so far we have peas, kale, radish, spinach and broccoli emerging. We could use some rain though, it has been a chore remembering to water every afternoon. I go to work, I water plants..then I come home and water some more! It will be worth it in the end though 🙂 I have set aside some alyssum and nasturtium for myself at work, its still too early to plant them out, but I want to have them in the beds for companion plants.

I’ve helped the landlady work the ponies a few times now, and I’ve had the opportunity to drive the mini twice; she’s so good and so much fun! It has been both fun and frustrating to help because they are retired and recently got involved with horses, but are “experts” so any time I do something on my own I am challenged. As a perfect example, I was putting tack on the mini to drive her over the weekend, and was told by Mr. KnowItAll that I did it in the wrong order. Now, I have been doing this for YEARS- I am fully capable and aware of how to put driving tack on a horse. So I politely explained why I do it in the order that I do and went on with what I was doing. Its mostly frustrating because I am not comfortable being pushy about things, and am hesitant to say to them “Hey, I have more years of experience doing this then the two of you PUT TOGETHER, so please- just trust me.” But then again, I am living in their cottage so… I just smile and nod.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the continued emergence of spring and the rush of color that is upon us. Also checking out the local hiking, we did a nice hike on Saturday to a place called Holt’s Ledge. It was 2.4 miles round trip, and a pretty decent uphill climb most of the way, but the view was totally worth it! (As is typically the case with those kinds of climbs.)


2 responses to “Spring is Sprung!

  1. haha ohhh the tenuous relationship between landlord and tenant! Such is life I suppose.

    I love those African daisies! Be forewarned; I may be consulting you more about plants and such – the new place has a landscaper but I’m feeling some window boxes, hanging baskets and/or a large planter to put out on our little porch etc. 🙂

  2. I love them too, and they come in lots of bright, fun colors! Feel free to ask away! Things to keep in mind though, amount of sunlight and what direction you face (north, etc.). 🙂

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