Life…and all that Jazz.

Job is going well, the nursery officially opened for business on Saturday, but since its still a bit early for planting we didn’t have a ton of people stop by. Hanging baskets came in today though, and they are going to look GREAT on the display racks in the morning. That should drive some business my way. 🙂 Otherwise, its nursery business as usual, getting displays set up, transplanting seedlings (today was veggie day, I got all of my tomatoes and cabbage transplanted from seed trays into 6-packs) and keeping track of growth. I’m still having to toss dead plants, which is a huge bummer. I’m just glad its because of someone else’s mistake and not mine.

Life in the cottage is good too, our vegetable garden is in, and we put in some seeds today. We started peas, lettuce, spinach, kale and brussels sprouts. We have lots more to plant too, but nothing else can go in until after the last frost date- which is the end of May up here. It’s so quiet, we go to sleep at night listening to the peepers in the woods, and not the highway noise. It’s also been nice to sit outside at the end of the day and not deal with neighbors and the constant flow of traffic in and out like we had before. We live at the end of a dirt road, and only one other family lives up here so traffic is minimal. I helped work the ponies yesterday too, which was fun! I drove the mini, and she was a blast.

We have no real plans coming up, Gabe has tentative plans for a guys canoe trip 4th of July weekend and I think we’re going to try and put together something for his birthday- the typical Gabe birthday party anyway…so friends, beer, food and a fire. Also trying to plan some camping trips; from the house there are 2 lean-tos along the AT, three miles in each direction- plus lots more along both the AT and the Long Trail. Options, options and more options!

Lately though, we have been checking out all of the spring flowers in the woods around us (see previous post about spring ephemerals) and the plants popping up around the house. So far we have lots of daylily and iris coming up.



View from our hike on Sunday.


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