Garden Prep.

We put in our raised beds today, we had a lot of discussion back and forth about whether or not raised beds were the way to go.. but the desirable location made the decision for us; so we made raised beds. Gabe constructed the frames Friday evening after work, which was simple.

beds before

Today we had to scrape a layer of sod (grass) off the lawn and dig down into the soil so the feet would be stable. This turned into a longer process than I anticipated, but my husband is a bit of a perfectionist. Set in place they look pretty good! They appear offset because they are set into a hillside.

beds after

(Sorry for the dark picture, the sun was setting) Too bad its about 6 weeks too early for veggies. We have pondered doing some spinach and kale for baby salad greens, which is a good idea. We have the seed, so why waste it. I can also put in carrot seed, but that might require row covers on the really cold nights still. So, we’ll see. On a more depressing note, I think the snowstorm that we got after the move killed our garlic. It had started to sprout in NY, and then I never covered it before winter returned and now its not showing any signs of life. I have some faith, but not much.


2 responses to “Garden Prep.

  1. thanks for your comment on my blog post, hiving accomplished. Like prepping your garden, you prep for your hives. Depending on what type of hive you go for, it will be more or less work. Also, how much maintenance of the hive. The top bar requires the least amount of prep, tools, and follow up. While I wore veil, jacket and gloves (the gloves were off and on) during set up, have been back out there, and removed the empty package without any of the above. Top bar hive is pretty mellow for the bees. Even in hive maintenance is less invasive than with others. For me, they were about pollination of the garden. Good luck with your gardens and your plans for the future

  2. poor garlic 😦 nice job on the beds!

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