It’s Warming Up- Finally!

This weekend looks like the end of the 30 degree overnight temperatures; finally. While the days are steadily warming up, the nights are still cold which prevents us from doing things like put houseplants outside. Gabe was all set yesterday to put the aloe and the jades outside, but that’s still not a good idea. Can you imagine what one hard frost would do to my big old jade? Well I suppose a photo of said jade would be helpful, but I’m getting ready for work and am short on time.

Since gardening season is upon us (yay!) that will be the central focus of my posts for awhile, until it’s time to make jam anyway! Right now we are in the process of constructing beds for our vegetable garden, it took us almost a week (due to lack of sunshine) to determine the best location. We have chosen a hillside to the left of the cottage since it receives a solid 8 hours of sun. 10 would be better, but I’ll take 8. I also picked up 2 packets of perennial wildflower seed yesterday to scatter around and encourage some pollinators.

At the nursery we are getting everything in order to open next Saturday, plants are ordered and arriving in the next couple of weeks, and most of the seeds that I planted have started to germinate. A little behind if you ask me, but I have faith that they will be ready in 6 weeks to go outside and into the garden.

It’s also the beginning of tick season, so don’t forget to check yourself after being in the woods, Gabe went for a hike yesterday and found one on him last night.

Forecast says 75 tomorrow!


Osteospermum- Africa Daisy


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