Into the Frying Pan.

I don’t normally do this, because it doesn’t do anything but stimulate arguments- and I try to keep the peace these days. However, my Facebook is flooded with all of this nonsense these days and while I don’t want to say anything there, I still feel compelled to offer you my opinion. Because this is the internet and I can.

Let me start by saying that at this point in my late 20’s I no longer align myself with a political party. I have liberal views as well as conservative ones, and that’s who I am damnit. So, the whole gay marriage thing. I have always maintained (even to my inlaws who are totally opposed) that a marriage is no one else’s business except for those two people. And that goes for mine, a lot of what happens between Gabe and I (like the fighting) stays between us; it happens, we work it out and life goes on. There is no need to bring the whole neighborhood into our lives. So why should we interfere in the lives of those who love another of the same sex? It has NO direct bearing on my life, nor my potential children and thus it is none of my business. And then there is all of this bullshit about how it is threatening the “traditional” family. Why? Because it displaces traditional gender roles. Guess what, its 2013. Women vote, we work outside of the home, sometimes we are even the main breadwinner of the family. The traditional gender roles are no longer the only option people have when building a family. A family doesn’t become a family once there is a man, woman and children- and everyone assumes their role based on “Leave it to Beaver”; no not at all. A family is a family because they help each other, rely on and support each other. Not because Mom cooked a chicken and Dad brought home the money. I’m not even going to bring up the theories about how it damages children either, because I think all of those positions are based on poor research and not fact. Its all bullshit propaganda and I’m tired of seeing it on my Facebook wall.

I live my life, you live yours.


5 responses to “Into the Frying Pan.

  1. Well said – Vermont is lucky to have you!

  2. I had an Eureka! moment when I read that article… at least the one I think you’re talking about.

  3. Like the Tim Gunn photo I posted on my FB, something to this effect – “People claim gay people marrying will tear the social fabric; why would any gay person ruin fabric?” Humorous but true – who really cares, it is none of my business anyway. The whole thing makes me crazy but particularly when people say that gay people should not be parents. There are thousands, millions of children that could use a good home and whether it’s two gays, two straights WHATEVER – a child needs a loving home, period. There are plenty of straight married parents who are awful parents and nobody stops them from having/adopting children!

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