Things No One Tells You Until You Move.

We had this romantic idea of what it would mean to become “Vermonters”. Guess we were a bit off.



Vermont has a ‘mud season’. Well, you might say, doesn’t every state that has winter inevitably have a mud season? Of course, the answer to that question is yes. But here it is something so much more meaningful because many of the roads here are dirt. Including the one that we live on, and the one that road is off of. The big spring thaw is coming, tomorrow is the last day in the extended forecast that is below 50. And so we shall either learn to drive in the mud, or get stuck. Maybe both, we shall see.

They also don’t tell you that if you go to Home Depot in March and buy a brand new bird feeder and 25 pound bag of birdseed to entice the songbirds, that it will be a waste of money. Why? Because it is best to take them DOWN in mid-April because they attract bears. So here I am thinking, “Why would a bear want to eat birdseed?” but hello- it’s full of good nutrients for them too, especially before anything blooms and fruits. Duh Trista. So there’s that. I guess we will be stocked up on birdseed come fall. Bummer.

Car inspections are some serious shit here too; my car JUST passed NY inspection in January. Yesterday it failed here in Vt. Mostly because of a fuel leak, which I get.. but they told Gabe that it would not pass anyway because some lights need to be replaced. Uhm, what? All of the headlights/brake lights work, so isn’t that enough? Nope. EVERY light must work in order for it to pass. So safety first I guess. Oh well… I’m kind of glad that I’m working and Gabe is dealing with the car headache at the moment and not me. Is that bad?

And lastly, health insurance is MAD expensive. NYS insurance is looking pretty sweet right now… But it will all work out in the end I suppose.

















































































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