Holiday Planning.

Gabe and I are hosting our first holiday meal, in our new home. His family is coming up for Easter.  We’ve settled on a pork roast with garlic mashed potatoes, bourbon glazed carrots, and pan roasted asparagus. I’m also serving dinner rolls (of course) but because of my brother in law, I’m making them gluten free. I’ve also found a good recipe for a GF yellow cake, so I’m going to make a strawberry shortcake-cake- with homemade whipped cream.

Our trip to King Arthur Flour was awesome! Any time I need anything baking related that is the place to go, not only do they carry their full line of flours and mixes but all kinds of related items. And they offer classes ALL the time. I’m excited to go back and get some other cool things, but all we bought the other day was some flour- and coffee beans for Gabe. They have some of those obscure baking items that you can’t usually find in a grocery store- like food gel for making macrons, and all kinds of great gadgets. To top it all off, they have a bakery/cafe where you can have lunch!



One response to “Holiday Planning.

  1. Ummmm we can definitely go to the King Arthur Flour place when I get a chance to come up. Browse, lunch, ya know, no big deal. 🙂

    Holiday menu sounds yummy!

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