Quick Update

This is going to be quick, since I’m super annoyed right now. Mostly because the theme for the day has been internet headache. First it came on but nothing would connect, so I spent an hour on the phone with tech support to get it sorted out. Only to discover that the speed is slow. When I was deciding which provider to use I told them that we have 5 devices that connect, and don’t have TV but use Netflix & Amazon Prime. I was assured that this speed is fine for downloading and watching tv this way. What they leave out is that if you’re using more than one device at a time that speed is significantly reduced. I’m considering switching to Comcast even though its a little more expensive.

Anyway, the cottage is about 98% unpacked and organized. Gabe still has a few boxes laying around, and the speakers aren’t hooked up yet so there is speaker wire laying around. I’ve done a few loads of laundry- there’s another headache, the dryer kind of sucks. But all in all things are looking good. We still have some running around to do, DMV tomorrow for example. I’ll be much happier when the dust settles.


2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. There’s a way to set up your devices to improve the speed of the one you are currently using… When we are downloading large items (like games) to the computers, we give preference to the XBOX or Roku so we can still enjoy HBOgo or Netflix without interruption…

  2. Really? How do I do this? If it requires serious re-configuring I’m not sure its something that I want to mess with, in case I screw something up. However, if its just a setting- that would be great! And I may have over-reacted a bit yesterday about it anyway. Its definitely slower than the TWC we had before, but everything still works. The Amazon Prime has always been a little weird; I don’t think it buffers fast enough because even with TWC sometimes it would pause. But Netflix seems to be ok.

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