Last Post from NY!

We’re down to the wire here. The U-Haul is packed to the brim, the apartment has been vacuumed, scrubbed and painted (touch-ups) and we are ready to go… in the morning . The cats have no idea what is going on, and seem generally confused. I feel kind of bad about this, but at least Gabe and I are here so it’s not like we are abandoning them.

NY had given us a lot, and as much as I am desperate to get out of this state, we have a lot to thank it for.  I finished my education here, met my husband here, found a career path here and so many other things. I can only hope that Vermont is as good to us in the future. I feel as though this is a new beginning, of stepping out truly on our own. I’m scared, I won’t lie- but I think it’s going to bring us some great things.

Next time, from Vermont!



3 responses to “Last Post from NY!

  1. Good luck with the move! Are you by any chance moving closer to Boston?

  2. Hurray!!! Have a safe trip – NY has been good to you guys but I’m sure VT will bring plenty of new adventures 🙂

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