New Weekly Theme!

So in the midst of shuffling my life around, my blog is kind of falling to the wayside. And while I’m sure you all want to know the nitty-gritty details about how I have scheduled all of our utilities here to be turned off Saturday, and the ones in Vermont to be turned on… I don’t want to write about it. I’m living it, it’s stressful and I don’t want to do that here.

SO I had this great idea. I need a regular occurring theme- especially since my life is going to revolve around plants in a week or so- and I’ve decided on “Garden Snippets”. Cute right? I’m going to highlight some great plants for your landscape, patio, kitchen window, coffee table- whatever space you have to incorporate some plant material. My previous post was the first, its a perennial called lantana. I’m not going to regurgitate any wikipedia- available info or botany website facts at you, just a brief mention of the best or in lantana’s case- worst qualities of that plant. My goal is to hopefully encourage you to check out some different plants, or get started on a plant collection!



And while we’re being all plant-nerdy for the moment, the best place to check out color in the winter are indoor botanical gardens. This shot is from Longwood Gardens in PA. It’s A-mazing. Especially for plant-nerdy people like me.


3 responses to “New Weekly Theme!

  1. Can you teach me how to not kill my houseplants? The MIL keeps giving us more and more. I’ve managed to nearly kill plants that are supposedly brown thumb oriented, like a golden pothos… lol

    • Certainly! Make sure they are in a south or western facing window; this is the biggest problem most people have- especially in the winter. These are the best exposure for maximum sunlight. Also, be sure that you are not over or under watering. If the soil is still damp, don’t water. When you do water, hold the pot over the sink and let the water run until it starts dripping out of the bottom of the pot for about a minute or so. This will help leach out any excess salts or minerals in your water or soil. Most house plants don’t need water more than once a week in the winter, and 2-3 times in summer. This also depends on how hot your home is, so if they dry out faster they need water more regularly. But like I said before, most houseplants are ok being dry for a day or so. IF your MIL has been giving you succulents (jade, aloe, or mother in laws tongue for example) these require much less water, almost none in the winter. What plants do you have? Good luck!

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