My entire life I have dealt with regular headaches and persistent migraines  It’s just something I have learned to live with, and take over the counter meds for. Two weeks ago I saw the doctor and had a full blood panel done, and it came back with some life-changing results.

To start with, my cholesterol was sky high. When he told me that I immediately started thinking of everything I could no longer eat. Read- everything I love. So I was bummed. But then he said it was likely linked to the results of the thyroid testing he added. Hypothyroidism runs in my family, on both sides, so I have always known that developing it was a strong possibility. And while I have a lot of the symptoms  it didn’t occur to me that it may have developed already.

Common signs include fatigue, dry skin, irritability, depression,  headache, being cold and high cholesterol. Yeah, that’s me over here. However, these are also common signs of a lot of other things- so I didn’t connect those dots. But he did, and now I will have to go on a hormone replacement. The best part is that now I will likely lose the rest of the weight I have been trying to get rid of, my moods will improve and I will feel better overall.

Now I just have to get a new Dr. once we move. But its nice to know that I feel like crap lately for a reason, and not just because.


One response to “Answers.

  1. That is great to finally have a diagnosis (instead of feeling like you are dealing with something that will never change!)

    I get my thyroid levels checked every year and my blood sugar since thyroid issues and diabetes run on both sides of my family. I had to push about the thyroid stuff though, sometimes doctors think they know best! Maybe your current doc can recommend a practice in VT?

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