Back to the Country Life.

Never has 7 days passed so quickly before. A week ago I returned to my Alma Mater (Morrisville State College) with my boss to speak to the kiddos. Tuesday we had our job fair, pretty sure I found my replacement. We’re doing interviews this week.

And then I went to the farm! I was so busy trying to keep up with the tornado that is my nephew and soaking in the family that I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do. I did get the chance to ride Terrible Terry though. 🙂 Mom is in the process of re-training him to be a Western horse, and he looks great for her. He was good for me too, and it was nice to just poke around the arena on him for half an hour. He is the biggest pain in the ass, unless he’s working. In this photo he is pawing the concrete, if he’s in his stall he’s typically kicking the stall door. It’s an attention thing.

photo (26)


I spent a fair amount of time with the little man, he is talking so much- you can have a conversation with him now.. And he’s hilarious. He ran over my sister’s foot (his mamma) and when she got upset he told her that she should stay out of the way! So he’s a little fresh too, and most times its difficult to not laugh at him. He also told me that his best friend is Santa. Smart kid.

I came home Saturday, and yesterday Gabe and I drove to Vt (for the day) to look at 3 apartments. The first was a total waste of time, it was over priced for the dump that it was. The second was the place we were most interested in, but a 4 wheel drive vehicle is a necessity to get to it. It is quite literally located in the middle of nowhere- which is not fun in winter. We slid a couple of times in and out, and while it was otherwise perfect (though a bit pricey) we decided that was not for us. The place we are moving to is perfect!

photo (25)


The small building to the left is a one bedroom cottage. We are so excited to not have neighbors in the building! The property is on 50 acres, 5 minutes to town, 10 minutes to my job- and it’s a horse farm. Small, they only have 2 ponies (one that I can ride!!) but horses nonetheless. Any time I’m missing that horsey smell, it’s going to be right up the driveway!

Gabe and I are beyond ecstatic that everything came together as seemingly easy as it did. Divine intervention?

Moving day is March 16!



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