A Rant, in List Form.

Things that make me absolutely crazy. You may or may not agree.

1.) Letting your child run around like an elephant at 7 am on a Sunday, when there are people who live below you. When it’s 10:30 in the morning and this is happening, I really can’t complain. So, I turn on the radio and drown him out. However, when its crazy early on a weekend and it sounds like he’s practicing his wrestling moves over my head, I get a little annoyed. Thankfully, the upstairs noise is moving out on the first. How ironic that we’re moving too.

2.) Poor grammar. Gets me every time. It’s a shock that I made it through all 3 Fifty Shades books given how poorly written they were! Seriously though, I cringe a little every time you post on Facebook or send me a text that says “Wat u doin?” or something to that effect. Proof that the movie “Idiocracy” might have some truth to it.

3.) When people come over and eat you out of house and home. Ok, this didn’t happen to that extent, but almost. We had friends over Friday night, and they brought a girl that Gabe and I didn’t know. No big deal, the more the merrier. But she ate everything. Finished the pizza, finished the chicken and inhaled like 6 cookies. Didn’t your mom teach you better than that? You shouldn’t finish something unless the host offers it to you! Not that this is 1956, but really? Gabe loves pizza for breakfast, and he was a little bummed to see that all of the food was gone. Seriously, leave me a piece next time.

4.) When there are two doors and people insist on using only one. Yes, I know it’s February for like another five minutes, but use both damn doors. Why should I stand out here and freeze my ass off because you can’t bring yourself to open the other door? The engineer put two doors there for a reason. This also drove me crazy in school, it’s a problem that I can’t get away from!


All of that being said, what makes me the most crazy? That my grandmother thought these colors were appropriate for my “wedding” (hello, I eloped so no real wedding cake) cake. Last I checked I was not a 5 year old girl. Ahh!!


2 responses to “A Rant, in List Form.

  1. Agree to every single one!

  2. Hahaha! Lists make great ranting forums. No. 2 on your list: a family obsession and subject of many whole rants in my family!

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