Cookies…and Pizza?

Yesterday I told you all how I was going to write today about my World Famous (not) pizza. We had friends over for dinner last night, and had planned on making 2 pizzas- a veggie and the Thai chicken. Well somehow Gabe and I only had enough yeast (gasp, me short on yeast?!) for one pizza crust. Being hopeful we thought we could stretch it to 2 but it wouldn’t have worked. When Gabe announced that the two super thin crusts weren’t going to work, I immediately had a minor freak out, how was I going to feed five people with ONE pizza?! They were going to be at the house in less than half an hour, that wasn’t enough time to do anything. Of course, Gabe being the problem solver that he is, suggested making only the veggie pizza and Thai chicken wraps. In the end it all worked out splendidly, but I have no pictures of this pizza to accompany the recipe.


Thai Chicken Pizza:

Starting with a crust of your choice (I make mine, but the grocery stores have plenty of options if you don’t like to make your own), spread a layer of plum sauce (check the Asian section of your store) as you would a tomato sauce. Top with red pepper flakes, sliced bell pepper and a cheese of your choice. Bake at 425 for about 20 minutes or until the crust is a light golden color and the cheese has melted and browned a little. While the pizza is in the oven brown one chicken breast over medium high heat. I dice mine into small pieces; they cook faster and are easier to eat on the pizza. Once the chicken has good color to it and is cooked through, remove from heat and toss in a peanut sauce. Mine is no longer an exact recipe- roughly a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter, two tablespoons each rice wine vinegar and hot sauce, soy sauce, a teaspoon of Montreal steak seasoning and fresh chopped cilantro. There are plenty of peanut sauce recipes on the internet if you’r not into winging it. Now, you’ve got chicken and pizza. To the pizza, add the chicken along with some carrot and cucumber julienned and soaked in a rice wine vinegar/ honey mix for a little bit, and garnish with bean sprouts- no flavor but a lot of crunch. And you’r ready to eat!

Or you can skip the pizza crust and have a wrap. Just as good!

I also baked cookies yesterday, there was three dozen and now there are 4. I guess they were good. I found this recipe on Pinterest awhile ago..and then forgot about them. I think I pinned it sometime before Christmas thinking they would be a nice addition to the Christmas cookie list. I followed the recipe, only at the end I added chocolate chips because Gabe asked me to. Chilling the dough really helps to re-solidify the fats in the butter, resulting in a cookie that doesn’t spread too much while baking. No flat, crispy cookie here! Honestly though, I didn’t get a snicker doodle taste, but they were good nonetheless. Also, I used a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla instead of traditional vanilla extract. Next time I think I would add a touch more vanilla to make sure that flavor came through.



3 responses to “Cookies…and Pizza?

  1. Thanks for trying my cookies and they have a sorta-of snickerdoodle, sort-of sugar cookie taste..neither one in full-on. So what you experienced is probably what I experienced..could be a naming-game issue. But anyway glad you enjoyed them!

  2. I’m curious – where did you pick up that honkin’ bottle of Madagascar Vanilla? 🙂 I’ve been using a vanilla bean paste that I like.

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