Love/Hate Social Media.

Between the laptop and my phone I check my email and Facebook about 3249823758765 times a day. It’s annoying to have this constant need picking at the back of my brain, “I wonder what everyone else is up to?” Then I read it, and in my head I’m thinking, “I really don’t care” and I’m sure that people read my Facebook posts and think the same thing. Yesterday for example, I’m sure that none of my friends REALLY cared that I did Pilates instead of yoga. I care, and maybe Gabe cared when I told him but that’s it. Why have we become so obsessed with sharing the minutiae of our days? I have friends who check-in everywhere they go. That’s great that you stopped at the gym, gas station and grocery store…if I was stalking you, and trust me – I’m not.

Oh and Pinterest. Really, there is a love/hate relationship. I love that I can collect images of crafts I will never do, desserts I will probably never make, jewelry that my husband will never buy me, so others can see into that part of me. If you’re trying to decide what to buy for someone as a gift, that’s a great place to find ideas- their boards. But on the other hand, I find that a lot of times I look at these things too and think, “I’m pipe dreaming here, I’m never going to bake a rainbow cake.” And then I pin it anyway. It has become a glorified “Look what I can do!” tool.

Are we really so self-involved that we need to broadcast everything to the whole world? Social media really has only turned us into a bunch of narcissistic people, who think that our ideas and activities are so important the world needs to know. And I’m not saying that I’m immune, because I’m not. Obviously, since in the time I typed this I checked my email twice and my Facebook once.

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