Valentine’s Day :)

First of all, I cannot believe that this is the middle of February. Crazy crazy. Second, I’m wasting time sitting here and trying to decide on the proper order of events for my day. It’s a bit warmer outside, but I’m still bored with walking on the weir so I’ve been combining yoga everyday with a HIIT video. Pinterest is a great resource for these videos. I also read yesterday in Women’s Health that there may actually be some merit to the short, intense workouts. Perfect for a day like today when I have stuff to accomplish. I hope. Gabe keeps saying that he notices changes, and my scale has been hovering around 130- but I’m kind of hanging off the wagon at this point. I’ve been exercising daily since I got home, but haven’t been eating like I should. I skipped breakfast yesterday, and haven’t eaten any yet today (well, I had a piece of bacon while Gabe was making his breakfast). Next week I might go to mom’s- and we all know that eating there is not diet friendly! On the plus side, I would be helping in the barn and that definitely counts as exercise!

Today I’m also going to do my nails; my friend did them for me last Thursday while I was in MA. She used a different top coat (I have a Sally Hansen one) and the polish has really held up! So I bought it yesterday, I hate when they start chipping. nails

Left is the day of (with flash) right is today. Pretty good for a week!

Anyway, the rest of my day includes making chocolate covered strawberries, prepping dinner (steak is a Gabe project, not mine) and coming up with a cute card to go with Gabe’s present. Which I have yet to purchase. Does that make me a bad wife? I’m going to the store to get him a couple of bottles of good beer. I get chocolate, he gets beer. Win-win!

Happy Valentines Day!


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