Busy Like Bees!

I keep meaning to sit down and do a good legitimate post, but it seems that the last week has just been a whirlwind!

I drove to Massachusetts on Thursday, to attend a bridal shower that was postponed to next weekend because of the storm.


That’s my car, buried under about 2 feet of snow. I love the northeast. In every season other than winter anyway. So while it was nice to spend some time with my friend and her fiance, being trapped inside with 3 people is a good way to create cabin fever! It was nice to come home to Gabe and my kitties.

Monday I had a work meeting to discuss this nursery that we’re trying to build. We’ve ordered the POS system, and have placed the order for the new greenhouse. The guys have started clearing the land, but the snow has put a hold on things for a few days.

Gabe and I are off to Vermont early early Friday morning, he has an interview at 10 am with what seems to be a good company  And- I have one too!! I got the word today, spoke to the lady who owns a small company with her husband. They added a greenhouse/farm stand last year and now need someone to run it! I’m so excited! Cross your fingers for us that this all goes well. If it does we’ll be moving! I cannot begin to explain how thrilled we will be to get out of NY. It’s time for us to move on with our careers and get our lives going.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I have 2 rib-eye steaks waiting in the refrigerator to be marinated and strawberries waiting to be dipped in chocolate. We’re having garlic sauteed snow peas and twice baked potatoes with our steak. I initially wanted to make a stuffed pork roast, but the steaks were on sale and hard to pass up. I feel a little bad because I didn’t get anything for Gabe- besides the usual chocolate. However, I have all day tomorrow to come up with something 😉

Tonight we’re having stuffed peppers- and since its almost 5,  I had best get busy with that.

Any exciting Valentine’s Day plans out there?


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