Daily Prompt: Call Me Maybe.

I have a strong love-hate relationship with my phone. I have an Apple iPhone 4S, that I got in April of last year. I never wanted to get a smart phone, I was happy with my little flippy-texty phone. And then I got a new job. A new job that said “Hey, we are all on a family plan. Do you want an iPhone?” So of course I said yes. And now it’s like a stupid magnet. Every time I have 25 seconds with nothing to do I check my email, my Facebook, Twitter if I have time, and yes-even my blog. Every time Gabe and I are having a conversation and the need to look something up arises, I have the power! Often he says not to worry about it, but if I don’t I will fixate on it.

There are good things about the smartphone, the new GPS app is great, I no longer have to click through the directions since it functions like a regular GPS. I can also check my bank balance from anywhere, deposit checks without going to the back (did it last week for the first time- awesome). Plus it has the added benefit of being a computer that fits in my pocket.

At least I don’t bring it to bed with me.


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