How Much Family is too Much?

I am constantly wishing that it was socially acceptable to un-friend all of my extended family from FaceBook. We are family, and I understand this need to stay connected- but how much is too much? Does it become too much when other people are sending messages asking why another hasn’t returned a call? I think so. Is it too much when one member posts a drunk & passed out photo of another (thankfully the photo was no one in my immediate family, nor posted by one) sibling? I think this one in particular was totally inappropriate and should have been removed.


This is the part of my family (I have no clue where Gabe was when this was taken by the way, this was our wedding party. I think he was playing horseshoes; but at any rate this includes him) that counts. These are the only people whose lives are important, and worth dropping things for.

My sisters are on the verge of new lives, one will graduate from high school in just over a year and the other is making some huge changes to hers and my nephews lives. My parents are approaching their 28th wedding anniversary (in March) and are still trying to make the farm a viable side business. That being said, at what point is my own involvement too much? At what point do I need to say that I’m going over here, to live my life with my husband? The day I realized that I can’t keep putting our life on hold when there is a crisis at the Farm, but instead stay here and live my life was a tough one.

Boundaries are important in every aspect of our lives, but some are harder to define than others. Isn’t it funny how we appreciate people more when they are not part of our everyday life?


One response to “How Much Family is too Much?

  1. Boundaries are tough – I remember feeling that way too, can’t just drop everything and run when so and so has a problem!

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