On a Whim.

We’ve been busy the last few days; Friday I had another long and unproductive (well, not completely) work meeting. This nursery is becoming a bit of a headache for me. I’m expected to have answers to unexpected questions- like final costs, that I just don’t have yet. We also went out and looked at the property yesterday with the boss. He wants Gabe to help with the clearing, and of course since it requires the use of a chainsaw, he’s on board. I’m a little hesitant about my work and private lives overlapping. Not that they haven’t spent time together, but its usually at a work function not in a true work setting. Luckily for me, nursery managers aren’t necessary for land clearing. I hope anyway.


This is not my nursery, but it’s what we are going for.

An update on the tabata: I did another HIIT (high intensity interval training) on Tuesday as well, but it was 10 minutes not 4. And by Wednesday my body was destroyed. I’m going to do one this morning, when I’m done here, but I think that the choice to limit it to once or twice a week was wise. I also walked a few times this week and have been keeping up with the yoga. I’m on the final disc of the four (which I haven’t done before) and it is definitely getting harder. I’m going to start the discs over again this week and go through them again and see if anything is different. We’ll see!

I made Gabe sit down with me last night to plan our meals for the week. It worked out really well this week, we or at least I, knew what the plan was and that we had everything to make it. This made things so much easier on the both of us! Of course, I planned things I could make on my own but he cannot be kept out of the kitchen! This is me, not complaining that I married a man who loves to cook. And is good at it.

I also read and finished the second book about the witch and vampire this week, Shadow of Night. I inhaled this one too, and now I am really bummed that the final book isn’t published yet and isn’t due out until this summer. The second book takes place in 1560ish London and a few surrounding countries, and the history and the main characters interactions with these historical characters was great. I read some Amazon reviews that were a bit down on the amount of history and detail in the book, and that there was less focus on Diana and Matthew’s relationship, but I disagree. It was fabulous, and now I have to find something else to read. :/

I want to plant some basil seeds, but its still too cold in the greenhouse at night. On the bright side, the groundhog predicted an early spring. I hope he’s right!


One response to “On a Whim.

  1. Talk about personal and work lives overlapping – I feel your apprehensiveness. The lady that is doing my dress alterations is the mother of one of my students that I currently work with … she is great (both mom wise and dress wise) but I’m always kinda waiting to get caught in an awkward moment!

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