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A Rant, in List Form.

Things that make me absolutely crazy. You may or may not agree.

1.) Letting your child run around like an elephant at 7 am on a Sunday, when there are people who live below you. When it’s 10:30 in the morning and this is happening, I really can’t complain. So, I turn on the radio and drown him out. However, when its crazy early on a weekend and it sounds like he’s practicing his wrestling moves over my head, I get a little annoyed. Thankfully, the upstairs noise is moving out on the first. How ironic that we’re moving too.

2.) Poor grammar. Gets me every time. It’s a shock that I made it through all 3 Fifty Shades books given how poorly written they were! Seriously though, I cringe a little every time you post on Facebook or send me a text that says “Wat u doin?” or something to that effect. Proof that the movie “Idiocracy” might have some truth to it.

3.) When people come over and eat you out of house and home. Ok, this didn’t happen to that extent, but almost. We had friends over Friday night, and they brought a girl that Gabe and I didn’t know. No big deal, the more the merrier. But she ate everything. Finished the pizza, finished the chicken and inhaled like 6 cookies. Didn’t your mom teach you better than that? You shouldn’t finish something unless the host offers it to you! Not that this is 1956, but really? Gabe loves pizza for breakfast, and he was a little bummed to see that all of the food was gone. Seriously, leave me a piece next time.

4.) When there are two doors and people insist on using only one. Yes, I know it’s February for like another five minutes, but use both damn doors. Why should I stand out here and freeze my ass off because you can’t bring yourself to open the other door? The engineer put two doors there for a reason. This also drove me crazy in school, it’s a problem that I can’t get away from!


All of that being said, what makes me the most crazy? That my grandmother thought these colors were appropriate for my “wedding” (hello, I eloped so no real wedding cake) cake. Last I checked I was not a 5 year old girl. Ahh!!


Cookies…and Pizza?

Yesterday I told you all how I was going to write today about my World Famous (not) pizza. We had friends over for dinner last night, and had planned on making 2 pizzas- a veggie and the Thai chicken. Well somehow Gabe and I only had enough yeast (gasp, me short on yeast?!) for one pizza crust. Being hopeful we thought we could stretch it to 2 but it wouldn’t have worked. When Gabe announced that the two super thin crusts weren’t going to work, I immediately had a minor freak out, how was I going to feed five people with ONE pizza?! They were going to be at the house in less than half an hour, that wasn’t enough time to do anything. Of course, Gabe being the problem solver that he is, suggested making only the veggie pizza and Thai chicken wraps. In the end it all worked out splendidly, but I have no pictures of this pizza to accompany the recipe.


Pizza and Cookies


Planning a huge post for tomorrow; vanilla snickerdoodle cookies and my not-really-but-it-should-be famous Thai Chicken pizza. The name is deceiving, the only thing remotely Thai about this pizza is that it uses plum and peanut sauces. Otherwise its really just a chicken and veggie pizza. Gabe and I used to eat it so often that we became bored with it- but we haven’t had it in ages and we’re having friends over so its time to make it again.

Also, its almost time to start some herb seeds!!!!

Love/Hate Social Media.

Between the laptop and my phone I check my email and Facebook about 3249823758765 times a day. It’s annoying to have this constant need picking at the back of my brain, “I wonder what everyone else is up to?” Then I read it, and in my head I’m thinking, “I really don’t care” and I’m sure that people read my Facebook posts and think the same thing. Yesterday for example, I’m sure that none of my friends REALLY cared that I did Pilates instead of yoga. I care, and maybe Gabe cared when I told him but that’s it. Why have we become so obsessed with sharing the minutiae of our days? I have friends who check-in everywhere they go. That’s great that you stopped at the gym, gas station and grocery store…if I was stalking you, and trust me – I’m not.

Oh and Pinterest. Really, there is a love/hate relationship. I love that I can collect images of crafts I will never do, desserts I will probably never make, jewelry that my husband will never buy me, so others can see into that part of me. If you’re trying to decide what to buy for someone as a gift, that’s a great place to find ideas- their boards. But on the other hand, I find that a lot of times I look at these things too and think, “I’m pipe dreaming here, I’m never going to bake a rainbow cake.” And then I pin it anyway. It has become a glorified “Look what I can do!” tool.

Are we really so self-involved that we need to broadcast everything to the whole world? Social media really has only turned us into a bunch of narcissistic people, who think that our ideas and activities are so important the world needs to know. And I’m not saying that I’m immune, because I’m not. Obviously, since in the time I typed this I checked my email twice and my Facebook once.

photo (21)

Self Image.

I have always had an up and down opinion of myself, and I think that for most women that’s normal. But its amazing what a hit your self-esteem can take when you aren’t chosen for a job you want. I am qualified, educated and capable. Yet, I lack experience compared to others. And I can’t get experience because no one will hire you without it. So here I am, floundering in a pool of self-pity because I’ve been offered a lesser position than the one I interviewed for. I should be thankful that I was offered a job, I know but right now I’m bummed. Then of course, Gabe comes home and starts right in on me. Hammering me with questions that I don’t have answers to, and that just makes me feel worse. What is it about men that makes them so oblivious to these kinds of feelings? Why can’t he just be understanding and sympathetic- he has certainly been turned down for jobs that he wanted so he knows what I’m feeling.

For the last six weeks I have been eating right and working out so that I can have the body that I want. And its getting there, but this just makes me want to curl up with a bunch of junk food and my Netflix queue. I’m still waiting to hear from the other place, I called earlier and left a message..but just like before, the fact that its taking them so long to get back to me just makes me feel worse.

I’m 27 and tired of feeling like I’ve missed the boat on some things, and that I don’t measure up.

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

Gabe and I talk extensively about what we are going to do when we have a home with some land around it. Have you ever seen P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home on PBS? That is my absolute dream home. An old farmhouse to update, plenty of land for a myriad of animals and a huge garden. Of course that can only happen if we happen upon some huge financial windfall and become independently wealthy. Being realistic I would love to have that same home, a handful of animals and the same large garden. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to go into your own garden and pick the vegetables you need for you meal. We keep some fresh herbs all year, and they make a huge difference. Fresh salsa with garden fresh (not grocery store, GMO, overpriced) tomatoes . there are so many possibilities! Besides, I’m paying out the nose for my Horticulture degree, I might as well get something delicious out of it.



Reggie thinks he would like to be a garden cat. Here he is inspecting the strawberries.

Where the Blacktop Ends.

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag. Figuratively of course. Gabe accepted a job, I told my boss and the rest is an adventure!



We’re moving to an area near Woodstock and White River Junction, in the south eastern part of the state, along the NH border. The definite move date has yet to be set, still waiting to hear about my job interviews from Friday. I hate sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring, it gives me too much time to over-think and over-analyze- and of course I have now convinced myself that I’m not going to get either job.

We’ll see what happens, but in the meantime things are changing!