Why Dressing Rooms Were Designed to Make Women Hate Themselves.

Tuesday I decided that since my friend’s bridal shower is in a little over a week, I should do some shopping! I set out from home with a mental plan to go to CVS (I have a coupon for $3 off a Sally Hansen nail polish)- but I didn’t stop there. I also thought I would stop at Walgreens (All Sally Hansen and Aveeno products are BOGO %50 off and pistachios are on sale too)- but I didn’t stop there either. I decided that I don’t need any more nail polish at this moment (who knows, tomorrow I may think differently, but my shoe box that I store them in is full). Thus, I continued on Famous Footwear, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, Target and the mall.  My goal was simple, a new shirt to wear with my grey slacks and a pair of black flats to replace my old ones. I was largely unsuccessful.


Well, for starters I am super picky about shoes and I accept that I will have to pay a little extra for the pair I want so, I decided to wait until I have cash. Not a big deal. The shirt however! Kohl’s was alright, and I was ok until I was at the mall. I found a few cute things that once on either the color was wrong or there was too much going on and my boobs looked gigantic (read- story of my life.) but I pressed on. It wasn’t until I was in H&M, formerly a favorite store (their clearance now sucks, and their regular prices seem to have skyrocketed! Or is it me?) that I realized- these places are why women hate themselves. You know along with advertising,  the porn industry, the media and our relatives opinions.  I was in a small cubicle with 3 mirrors and even though I have been exercising and eating better, and I thought I was looking better- those three mirrors (in a split second) totally argued with my scale. Not only was I able to see the weird skin puckering that my bra creates beneath it, but I was able to see how not round my bum is and what my chin looks like from three angles! Not to mention the awful lighting, no one looks good under fluorescent.

Department stores and the like need to understand that in order to help us purchase clothing we don’t need to see all angles! The lighting must be improved- preferably to candlelight, everyone looks sexy that way. Maybe then I will be convinced that even though it is $39.99, I must add this shirt to my closet. Instead I left and pouted into my soup at Panera bread. My only consolation was that the small bowl of Broccoli Cheddar was only 200 calories, but I still need shoes and a shirt.


One response to “Why Dressing Rooms Were Designed to Make Women Hate Themselves.

  1. 1.) H&M has totally gone downhill; you are right on both accounts, their clearance blows and their normal prices HAVE skyrocketed!

    2.) I hate dressing rooms. Almost to the point that if I really like an item I will buy it and go home and try it on rather than face the shitty lighting and lack of elbow room in most dressing rooms (if your boobs are story of your life, me constantly banging my legs or arms into dressing room walls is mine!) but then there is the return factor – will I ever make it back to the store and get money back on the item? (I’ve gotten better about being consistent about doing that)

    3.) Be consoled with the fact that my bum is not very round either. It’s pretty flat and wide, thanks child bearing hips ! 😦

    4.) NY&Co has by far THE BEST dressing rooms in terms of lighting AND space (I suspect because they know they service a wider variety and shapes of women which is lovely!) but their clothing has gone dramatically downhill steadily for the past year 😦 boo hiss. H&M, JCP, Target and Macy’s dressing rooms all have the same problems you are describing!!!

    5.) Ignore everything you saw today – you DO look lovely, do not let the DREADED SHITTY DRESSING ROOM win !!!

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