Weekly Round-Up.

Sunday has always felt like an odd day to me. It’s generally a calm day, but one that holds both the dread of the Monday that follows and anticipation of the week ahead. This week I am planning a job fair- we are looking for new staff! Wednesday I’m going to a Cornell sponsored “Greenhouse Growers” class with Mark. We’re going to learn about new plants, new and old diseases and a bunch of other plant-nerdy stuff. I can’t wait. I love that my field has these opportunities for continued learning. In March I am taking an exam to become a Certified Nursery Landscape Professional, and attending these classes will be a requirement. Which is fine by me, I enjoy the learning component as well as the opportunity to network.


This week I also have planned:

-a trip to the grocery store. I’m in search of Meyer lemons (I’m going to try to grow a lemon tree), peppers to make another batch of hot pepper jelly since Gabe eats it like..well like he eats most other condiments- on everything. Last week they still had a ton of Kirby cucumbers so I might make some pickles too.

-I have so many jars of peaches I think I might make a peach pie or crumble. Probably a crumble, but we’ll see. I may meet opposition on that one since Gabe likes to eat them with yogurt.

-And since I’m craving steak I think I’ll make pepper steak with rice this week, and maybe something pasta-ish. We haven’t had pasta since I make the penne a few weeks ago.

Happy Sunday!


One response to “Weekly Round-Up.

  1. Meyer lemons are hard to find for me, I only come across them occasionally. Lemon tree sounds like a fine idea!

    I fully support your wanting to make a peach crumble. Tell Gabe to suck it up 🙂

    PS- I feel the same about Sundays, lovely day but full of foreboding of Monday coming!

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