Waiting on the Weather.

I am one of those people who would gladly trade a below zero day for the oppressive sweltering heat of July, and never the opposite. People say, “But you can always get warm”. True, but it gets difficult going places when you have to do so wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Even the old ladies at the grocery store look at you funny. I’m sick of winter already, and in the northeast there’s still plenty more of it to come. Although the forecast for Wednesday is almost 50 and rain…


Anyway, if you are the type who gardens and is looking forward to Spring for the rush of early color brought by crocus, early tulips  daffodils, hyacinths and the like- this bleak weather gets old. Fast. I have been easing my pain by flipping through grower catalogs and seeing what is new for this season- lots of things! A few weeks ago I spent well over an hour pinning lots of new plants to my Gardening board on Pinterest. Fun new things for this year include a re-blooming azalea and new colors of the re-blooming lilac introduced last year. I’m also hearing lots of industry buzz about new hydrangeas, but I’ve only seen last years dwarf version of the “Limelight” variety. Which I wanted and was unable to find locally.

I have also been looking through seed catalogs and picking out what Gabe and I are going to grow this year.


I love seeds, they hold so much potential.

Last year I bought mostly from Johnny’s Selected seeds. They have a lot of variety and many disease resistant varieties of things (tomatoes for example).

This year I’m mostly going to be buying from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They sell only heirloom seeds, no GMOs so everything that you’re getting has been grown and reproduced via seed. The downside is that not all of these are resistant to diseases, but generally the flavor (and colors!) is much better.

This year we are growing:

-garlic (already in, 5 varieties)

– peppers of the hot and sweet varieties

-tomatoes of many kinds

-probably peas

-green beans

I’m not doing lettuce inside anymore though, it attracts aphids and I’m sick of spraying everything with Hort Oil.

How are you dealing with the Winter Blues?


2 responses to “Waiting on the Weather.

  1. Coping similarly – looking at the new spring clothing coming out at various stores, new spring trends and colors – and buying fresh flowers to keep on the table in the kitchen to brighten things up!

    I look forward to seeing pics of your garden growings!

  2. Beautiful photos, Wish I had your skills. I just write, Read and browse to pass the winter blah’s 🙂

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