Potato Leek Soup, a not Quite Failure.

Good Morning! I am coming to you this bright morning from the warmth and comfort of my bed. Why? Because here in the northeast it is somewhere around -10 degrees this morning and my apartment is poorly insulated. If you had to get up and go out into this frigid weather like my husband did this morning (AND HE WORKS OUTSIDE : CRAZY) I’m so so sorry. Don’t hate me because I am seasonally unemployed.

On to the soup!

The other day I mentioned that I was making a new recipe for dinner, again because we are bored with the same old stuff. This is why I like the same old stuff, because not every new venture is a good idea. I looked online for recipes that looked good, nothing pureed because Gabe likes variation on the spoon. It needed to have recognizable vegetable pieces! So when I was largely unsuccessful I decided to wing it. I have made lots of soups over the past few winters, and I thought all I really needed to do was replace the onion with a leek- based on my “research”.

photo (12)

I started with 2 medium sized leeks (1 would have been sufficient I think, as we had way too much leftover soup) one LARGE carrot (seriously, the whole bag was like that) two celery stalks and I only used 2 of the 3 russet potatoes pictured. I melted some butter, and added the leeks. As I would have with onion I let them wilt alone for a few minutes before adding seasoning and the rest of the vegetables. I let the veggies cook for a while before covering them with a little bit  (one can) of chicken broth (we use College Inn low sodium) and water until it covered everything. Then I let it come up to a boil, turned it down to a simmer and watched YouTube videos with Gabe.

If you haven’t seen them in a while I recommend revisiting some SNL classics from Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake. D*ck in a Box is still one of our favorites! And if there are little people around, Ras Trent is also funny but not quite so *ahem* crude. Then again it does air at 11:30 PM for a reason.

photo (13)

Once it had simmered for 25 minutes or so, the carrots and potatoes were done, so I mashed everything down with a potato masher and tried to let it reduce. However I forgot that overcooked potato creates more water and this process was unsuccessful. Corn meal was successful though, for the most part.

photo (11)

In the end it was still a bit watery and very bland tasting despite my best efforts. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic and herbs but they just disappeared into nothingness. Tonight we are having curry with chick peas and butternut squash, I haven’t decided on white or brown rice, but Gabe is the curry-master so it will ultimately be up to him.

I plan to spend the rest of the day making bagels and pretzels. This is really just an excuse to have the oven on all day. If you are in the middle of this arctic caused “deep freeze” stay warm! I am passing up my 3 mile walk on the reservoir this morning with yoga. Frostbite is not something I care to experience either. Until tomorrow!!


One response to “Potato Leek Soup, a not Quite Failure.

  1. I hate when recipes come out junky!

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