There’s Something About the Outside of a Horse…

…that’s good for the inside of a man. ~ Winston Churchill.

That is one of my all time favorite quotes, because it is so true. Before I began life anew in the Hudson Valley with Gabe last spring, my bad day fix was an afternoon in the barn at my parent’s farm. It didn’t have to include a ride, or anything especially exciting. Sometimes all I need to do is bury my face in one of their fuzzy necks and calmness washes over me. Actually, that would help me right now. However, that’s not possible since I have to be in Troy, NY at 9am tomorrow for a Cornell sponsored day-seminar on landscape stuff. Instead, here are some fun pictures I have taken at the farm (and not with my iPhone, hooray for some real photos!)

I feel as though this should be prefaced by saying that unless noted otherwise, all horses pictured are Morgans, and please don’t use any of these pictures without permission. I took them, I edited them, I get the credit.


This is Terry, and you can’t see his lovely face because he is too busy staring at the dog. I love the colors of this picture, and the contrast in the sky, the snow and his color. I have a strong love-hate relationship with Terry, but he is a fixture at the farm and I do enjoy his antics. His favorite pastimes include kicking his stall door and destroying banana boxes.

_DSC0844 _DSC0709

I took this one the same day as the one of Terry; there is something about horses in fresh snow that is just awesome. This is Sally and I included two pictures of her because I love the action pictures of her. She is just so full of attitude, and never disappoints when I have my camera. I also wanted you to see her face, she’s got such a lovely one!


Gator, or Caleb as I can’t seem to call him, was born at the farm last spring. His mama lives in Vermont now (again) at the University of Vermont Morgan Farm. The UVM or “Government” bloodline is important in the breed. Gator doesn’t know what he wants to do yet, but for now he enjoys going outside with the pony. Everybody loves the pony, but we’ll get to him.


This is Dream and Wren, also referred to as “the girls”, “the fat girls” and sometimes “the old ladies”. They are both getting on in years and are, for all intents and purposes, retired. They live a life of luxury; they eat, go outside and enjoy the occasional ride. Mostly they do nothing. They’ve each had a baby (or two) and Dream was my grandmother’s Western horse. She won, A LOT before my grandmother passed away. Now she hates the show ring, and as a result- also the trailer. Wren tried to be a show horse, but proved to be a bit of a handful when she was young.


Grace, as she most certainly is not, is Wren’t last foal and will be four this spring. She’s still not broke, and trust me- this is one that I will not be helping to break. She’s definitely the crabbiest barn member.


Mo. I love Mo. Everyone loves Mo. He also comes from UVM and is an absolute sweetheart. This horse has one of the biggest hearts I have ever encountered, and I have never felt safer on any animal than I have on him. He is the first horse I’ve ridden since breaking my leg, and there’s nothing like a solid individual to help you regain confidence. Plus, his neck is the best for nuzzling, and he hugs back!

There are a few honorable mentions (horses that have left, but we loved anyway- plus the other critters) but before I get to them-

_DSC0963 _DSC0940 DSCN1262

This is Ray. The farm favorite by most visitors, and two little boys. Ray is the baby-sitter; he’s the one that all of the babies go out with once they are weaned. Even 4 year old Grace still gets to go out with him. He is also an escape artist, more than once he has been found in the feed room eating cat food and he has slipped under the fence a few times. And he is not easy to catch. The best part- the vet said he’s like 10 so he’ll probably be around for a long time.

Honorable mentions!


Libby! In her blankie.


Frank, the quintessential barn cat. But he thinks he’s a person, he even eats Chinese food!


Willy, Frank’s whiny brother.


Tedy, my sister’s Boxer- tormenting Libby.



Mac & Pete! They are thoroughbreds that my mom boards for a local woman. Mac was put down in Sept. after a racetrack injury, but Pete is doing well and is home for the winter with mom.

And Bob. Sadly, we had to put him down two days before Christmas 2011. Which absolutely broke my heart, I helped break him with dad, I overcame a lot of my own personal obstacles with him and most importantly he made me a better rider. ❤



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