My Favorite (Kitchen) Things

As people who spend time in a kitchen, whether you bake, cook or just dabble- we all have things that are our absolute favorites. I have a favorite spoon, pot, knife, I even prefer to drink out of a certain glass! Thus I give to you: My list of favorite things, helped out by some Amazon links. By the way, Amazon is also one of my favorite things.

First: I do a lot of baking, and this often requires the use of a wooden spoon (if one is not using a stand mixer). As a gift-with-purchase, I received this set of bamboo spoons when I bought my pizza stone from the Pampered 2006. They have held up so well!

My next favorite item is my stock pot. I have an unhealthy obsession with Le Cruset, but it is so way out of my price range. So how excited was I when I found one at TJ Maxx (Cuisinart, but just as good)! This pot is a workhorse in our kitchen, I even bake bread in it! Just like Le Cruset, it is cast iron and enamel coated, making it non-reactive and oven safe.

I’ve already mentioned that I bake, making a good set of measuring cups/spoons an absolute necessity. Gabe bought me a metal set of each for my birthday, to replace the old, plastic, and stained KitchenAid ones.

This is the set of spoons: I took them off the ring though, nothing is more annoying than trying to measure a liquid with a wad of spoons in your hand.

And the cups: They are flat, making leveling dry ingredients much easier than with my old ones. Plus they nest nicely, and fit well in my drawer.

A good saucepan is a necessity of every kitchen. We didn’t have one for a long time, but picked one up at Homegoods last year. This is not the exact same one, but is very comparable. Its tri-ply, meaning that the three layers of metal go all the way up the sides, not just the bottom. It’s a heavy pot, but great for making jam! And sauces of course.

When cooking, nothing makes things simpler than having everything prepped before you start heating a pan. I ended up with these prep bowls when I bought a set of glass bakeware. They get a lot of regular use. Mine are Anchor, not Pyrex though.

Last, every home cook should have a quality knife, and we have several knives that perform different functions. It is essential that they be as sharp as can be. Gabe is the official knife-sharpener in this house, and I assure you it is a skill worth learning- or convincing your spouse to learn. Nothing is more annoying than trying to dice an onion with a dull knife. We have 3 main knives that we use:

A Kuhn Rikon paring knife: only mine is green

A Kuhn Rikon chef knife: The best thing about Kuhn Rikon is that all of their knives come with a cover, this means they store easily in a drawer, without worrying you’ll cut yourself trying to find it.

And a Japanese style, wooden handle Nakiri knife: This is not the same one we have, ours was another Homegoods find; but this is a great all around knife, even if it’s purpose is for veggies.

What are your go to kitchen items?


5 responses to “My Favorite (Kitchen) Things

  1. zester and citrus juicer! also I am a huge fan of whisks of all shapes, sizes and materials!

  2. My kitchen scale, I love it for when I’m calorie counting, and for baking (not that I do much of that, but it improved the outcome of all baked goods we’ve made). My husband loves his cast iron pans, we use them for everything and they are seasoned really well at this point.

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