Perfect Bread for Soup.

Its Tuesday. I’ve done yoga, haven’t showered and I’m supposed to be working. From home of course, but I’m royally frustrated right now and I need a break!

Yesterday I mixed some yeast (about half a teaspoon) with 3 (or so) cups of flour along with some salt (1-2 tablespoons) and about a cup and a half of water. I mixed this and let it sit on the warm counter overnight. Right now I’m letting my oven warm to 450 degrees, and then I’m going to put my handy-dandy (most favorite cooking pot EVER) dutch oven in to let that get hot. While the pot warms up I’m going to knead the dough (just a little bit) and form it into a ball. It needs to rise for about 30 mins. Then into the hot oven it goes! 30 mins lid on, 15 mins lid off. Easiest bread ever. Make sure you let it cool before you cut into it. This bread is best served with soup. White bean chicken chili perhaps??

photo (9)

Mmmm. Yeasty bread. And that is a Reggie bum. He’s not supposed to be on the counter; but Gabe’s not home and he likes to people watch like me, so I won’t tell.


3 responses to “Perfect Bread for Soup.

  1. Love all your recipes!!! And, I’m a bread fanatic, so this is perfect! Can I repost…if I can figure it out, and with credit of course, over at Mucking Moms?

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