A Recipe! Kind of.

When I met Gabe I was absolutely a picky eater. He took me to a Thai restaurant for a date- and I about died. When you break it down Thai isn’t as intimidating as it first appears. Now, seven years later- I totally love Thai and Indian food. And lately that means an all consuming desire for chickpeas. So, while Gabe was away this weekend I absolutely fell over myself when I remembered that we had falafel mix and tortillas laying around. (Note: Generally Chef Gabe makes his own falafel with canned chickpeas and whatnot; however I do not posses his great culinary instinct so I use the mix. Bite me.) Now, if you, dear reader, are adventurous and have a food processor I completely suggest trying to make your own.

That being said, I added water to my mix and let it sit for the required 15 minutes or so, while I watched Law & Order SUV (anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE this show, and have seen every episode several times. Except season 13 because Netflix won’t add it..) Once its done absorbing H2O, its time to make little balls. I prefer smallish patties for two reasons 1.) they cook better and 2.) they fit into my tortilla-style sandwich better.


I fry them in vegetable oil, each side until brown and crispy. (Also, if using a nonstick pan like I am, make sure that you use a plastic spatula and not a metal one. And I do recommend the nonstick. I also have a stainless saute pan, but the nonstick is better for this type of cooking.)  I let them drain on a paper towel. While the little guys are frying, I chopped up some orange bell pepper, made a quick peanut sauce (peanut butter, little olive oil, soy sauce and chopped cashews)- it was more of a paste and less of a sauce ok? With all of that I assembled my tortillas and waited on the falafel. I also continued to watch L&O.


Ta-daa! Lunch! Which I immediately followed up with a mini-cupcake, but no one else was home. Which means it didn’t count!

(photos taken with my iPhone. Sorry. Someday I’ll take real pictures again.)


2 responses to “A Recipe! Kind of.

  1. yum! I have never tried falafel because I don’t like chickpeas and assumed I would not like falafel. I do love peanut sauce and crunchy veggies though!!!

    Was your cupcake as mini as the ripoffs at the Promenade Shops yesterday lol ? !

    • I was a bit skeptical (as I am about all new foods) but it’s got a crunchy exterior and a creamy interior. Sometimes I make extra just to eat them plain! And yes, it was grocery store mini. 🙂 However, it was chocolate with vanilla frosting- so it wasn’t advertised as something it wasn’t!

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