Winter Blues

I must apologize for being away for a couple of days, I went to Baltimore for a business trip. My boss, office manager and I went to the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show yesterday (MANTS). It was huge. I’m talking overwhelming- oh-my-god I need two days for this. In the end we had a plan and crammed it all into 5 hours. I came out of the show with more catalogs than I need, but some good info on the greenhouse I’m buying in the next few weeks. Spending money that isn’t yours is great, isn’t it? However, the downside to having gone (and my plans to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show the first weekend in March, YAY!) is that I’m missing plants and color. Winter in the northeast is so grey; it was refreshing to see blooms! That and my own greenhouse is so overrun with an aphid infestation that I’ve given up on those veggies..maybe I could force some annuals.



Don’t hibiscus blooms just make you happy?


This is one of my favorite pictures, its one of the first I took when I bought my DSLR camera, and I love both the contrast of the focus and the brightness of the flower. That is a silphium by the way.


Oswego tea bee balm (Monarda didyma) is my absolute favorite native perennial.



Purple yarrow.





And a catalpa tree for good measure.

I hope the color has made you feel a bit better about winter. It helped me, I have something to look forward to- SPRING!




One response to “Winter Blues

  1. I love spring…always thought I was more of a fall person but especially when it came to planning a wedding, I wanted fall so much but then it dawned on me how spring was so much more appropriate to us!

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