Lazy Sunday

We are having a lazy day here at home. I wish I could say a QUIET day also, but with a toddler living above us- no such luck there. As promised, an update regarding the new dinner recipe from Friday. While looking for something new, and relatively healthy for dinner, I came across this recipe. I served it over orzo pasta instead of egg noodles (because I didn’t have any, and didn’t feel like venturing to the store). In hindsight the egg noodles would have been better.  Overall, it is basically a chicken version of beef stroganoff, with diced tomato instead of tomato paste. So, newish…but not really. Gabe liked it though, and I consider that a win. I served it with brussels sprouts sauteed in a balsamic vinegar-dijon sauce.

Yesterday we ventured across the river to check out some antique shops. I came across a BEAUTIFUL copy of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty- illustrated. I died a little. Then I looked at the price, and I died a bit more. $375.


(image courtesy of a google search)

I would have loved to buy this book, it’s not THE illustrated copy to have (search George Ford Morris’ version) but the color plates are lovely anyway.  It was a successful venture though, Gabe found some tools that he was looking for. All I got was hot wings and a chicken sandwich.

We have a busy week coming up, I am going to Baltimore for a trade show Tue-Wed, and then Gabe will be away for the weekend. My weekday plans are to come as close to finishing my chicken as I can, bake a loaf of “crusty” artisan bread (I promise to post the recipe and pictures) and who knows what else! We shall see what the week brings us!


2 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. crusty artisan bread YUM!

    Don’t you hate when you find THE ITEM and it is WAYYYYY out of your price range?! Oh well!

    That recipe looks pretty good, I am really loving orzo lately. Those brussel sprouts sound delicious!!!

  2. I can’t even begin to describe my heartache when I saw the price of the book. The recipe really was mediocre, and honestly.. I could do without orzo- I want it to make up its mind, are you pasta? Or rice? I’m just trying to use what I’ve got..

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