A Chicken, Bread and a facial.

I’m multi-tasking! The bread from the recipe I posted yesterday is rising on the counter. I always forget how time intensive this particular bread is, however I have timed it so that it will be cooling on the counter when Gabe gets home. I could really just be a stay at home wife. I know how impractical that is, but I have no problem assuming the traditional woman of the house role.

The second part of my multi-tasking afternoon is my current facial. I discovered (while looking for bubble bath) that Target carries this lovely line of mud masks, peels and whatnot. Today I am rocking the cucumber peel. I’ve used it before, and my face always feels sooo nice when I’m done. I certainly recommend checking them out the next time you’re browsing in the Beauty aisles at Target. Plus it feels cool while its drying.

Thirdly (and finally) I’m catching up on my Desperate Housewives (Netflix- I’m re-watching them. It’s great background material for crafty things) while working on my chicken!

photo (6)

Right now I’m working on the background- the yellowish color to the right. I “borrowed” a bunch of my Mom’s old hooking stuff, and Gabe’s mom gave me a birthday present donation towards purchasing some supplies. I think this is the first crafty thing that I could actually keep up with. I tried knitting a few years back, but it just doesn’t hold my interest for very long. Hooking, however, is closer to coloring  and I love to color. I think my next project will be a sheep.

I’m trying a new recipe for dinner, if it works out- that could be tomorrow’s update!


One response to “A Chicken, Bread and a facial.

  1. Omg I love your chicken!!! That is so cool 🙂 I still have yarn and knitting needles…I was going good for a while and then just dropped off, too tedious for me. Do you use regular yarn for hooking ? If so, I can donate you some nice navy yarn!

    I too love roaming the aisles at Target, I found a really cute ring dish there a month or so ago. I like to go at like 7pm or 7am to avoid people. How antisocial of me!

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