Yoga Foundations

Yoga Foundations

Part of my new routine is to alternate yoga and a 4 mile daily walk. I’m walking the weir along the reservoir nearby- which makes it both scenic and free. I looked into joining a gym but..I’m really not the gym type. Anyway, the link is to an Amazon description of the Yoga DVD set I use, and absolutely love. I actually bought mine at Target awhile ago, Gabe decided at one point that he needed to start stretching and I suggested yoga. Each episode (there are 4 per disc, and 4 discs) is about 20 minutes long and are easy to follow. I like that they are short because I can squeeze one in during my mornings, or if I don’t have time in the am they can be done before dinner. When I was doing yoga daily, (before I broke my leg) I was noticing differences within about a week; my posture was much better (I’m a total sloucher) and I felt stronger and more flexible. I definitely recommend yoga to everyone!


One response to “Yoga Foundations

  1. I have been taking advantage of the Yoga and Pilates offerings on Comcast’s On Demand and like you say, they run about 20 minutes on average and are just enough to feel like I did something. I have noticed a big difference in my posture since I started as well, and my flexibility has shown a lot of improvement! I like to think I look leaner too lol

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