New Year, New Blog.

I have abandoned Blogger. There I said it. I deleted my old blogs awhile back, they weren’t doing anything for me- and I wasn’t updating them so it just seemed like it was time. However, with the new year upon us and the litany of things I plan to do while enjoying my “seaonally unemployed” status I thought I would start anew. So I followed Meg ( here. 😀

Let’s get into the nitty gritty, and then the whole NY resolutions. I’m recently 27, will have been with my husband (Gabe) for 7 years this March, but only married for 2 in August. We have cats, no kids (yet). Currently I enjoy baking, canning and have recently taking up rug hooking. My mom thinks that I am becoming her, and once she mentioned it I started to think about it..and maybe in some ways I am; however I see no problem with that. Gabe is a forester, he likes carving wood and cooking- thank God, because I am no cook despite my best efforts. My most favorite hobby is still riding horses, I suspect its in my blood and will be forever.  

My plan for this blog is simple, I’m going to try and update regularly whatever project I’m currently working on, what book I’m reading and what we’re cooking. Once Spring arrives I’ll also keep tabs on what we’re growing, since that is my other big interest- plants! Today, on the other hand- just my resolutions.

1.) I’m going to try and do one thing every day to make Gabe happy. This doesn’t have to be much- definitely nothing extravagant, just little things. 

2.) I really need to lose some weight. My BFF is getting married this year, and if that’s not motivation to lose these 10-15 extra pounds I don’t know what is. I already eat pretty well, but find exercise to be difficult to stick to this time of year. 

So here goes! Stay tuned!!


One response to “New Year, New Blog.

  1. hurray!!! I got so sad when I looked up your old link and there was nothing posted 🙂

    exercise IS difficult this time of year … after gorging for the holidays I am sticking to intervals of salads (with some form of meat on them since let’s face it, salad alone does not a meal make) lots of fruits and veggies to get rid of the sludgey holiday feeling. When I don’t feel like hitting the gym or going outside, I try to at least do something at home, yoga/pilates/weights SOMETHING even if it is only 20 mins worth.

    regardless of weight- we will all look fabulous on 4.13.13!!!

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